We Build Your Brand.

Positioning our clients as thought-leaders goes beyond media coverage. In order to build brands and personalities, we leverage a client’s CEO or leadership team and secure speaking engagements at major national and international conferences and gatherings, lock in contributorships at relevant media platforms so our client’s voice is leading the commentary, and position our client’s brand with like-minded, non-competitive organizations that can enlarge their footprint by association – from board appointments to causal groups. If we believe in you, we can help others recognize you as a leader in your industry.

Reputation Management Case Studies:

GOAL: Develop television producer and director Stephanie Laing’s personal brand in order to create a pathway for career enhancement by synergizing her core strengths and interests into a unified story that would resonate with women.

GOAL: Deliver meaningful media profiles on Zack Toth and the agency’s work to help re-establish their agency’s leadership position.


GOAL: Position Youthonomics as the new voice for youth on the global scene, from young people grassroots organizations to world leaders


GOAL: Inspire and reassure the retailer and target audience that the Maggy Boutique brand was as viable as ever by developing a new name plus visual identity that would clearly link the brand to its past while giving it room to evolve at a later date.


GOAL: Positioned for growth, Brand Building Communications was brought on to help increase awareness of Butler/Till with both industry leaders and potential clients.


GOAL: Position the renewable energy group as a leader in providing clean tech fuel for off-grid families in the developing world by securing high-profile speaking engagements, media coverage and category-leading white papers.


GOAL: Position Paley as a thought leader in the world of technology and innovation with an objective of developing a proprietary network for ‘women in business’ leveraging her brand building experience and product development expertise for companies such as pop culture phenomenon Beats By Dr. Dre.