Lifestyle is our life.  We use and love the products we promote on a daily basis.  

We stand behind the beliefs of our passionate social entrepreneurs.   We read the magazines and websites we pitch on a daily basis.  In short, the work we do is authentic to who we are as individuals.  We take cues from the world around us… our team is based between New York and London.



Valerie Donati, President and CEO

I’ve always been a storyteller. I wrote my first full-length novel at the age of 12, in pencil, on notebook paper. My friends loved it.

Fast forward, I’m still telling stories, but they aren’t fiction, they aren’t mine and they are most often told across the pages of glossy magazines or lit across computer screens courtesy of a blog or online platform. Some of ‘our’ stories are told on television, spread word of mouth, or even integrated into film.

And because I love telling stories I don’t limit it to one industry, I love chocolate just as much as I respect the power of renewable energy. And entertainment brands, they fascinate me.

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