Cause-related marketing is a powerful tool for promoting a brand. But for a campaign to really soar, the connection needs to be authentic. Kwiat Diamonds, a well respected New York-based fine jewelry company, was energized around the worldwide water crisis and decided to get behind charity: water with a co-branded product.


Raise awareness and funds to provide clean, safe drinking water for families around the globe.  


Develop a product that supported the charity: water platform but reflected the luxury offering of a diamond brand. 


RFM (68).jpg


  • Mixing materials, Kwiat updated the traditional ‘awareness’ bracelet and created an accessory that featured a leather band and a sterling silver water drop-shaped pendant featuring a small signature diamond
  • Keep the price reasonable so the bracelet could easily be gifted to friends and family – promoting the concept of affordable luxury
  • Launch a full-scale public relations and social media campaign to drive sales



  • The brand sold over 3000 bracelets


  • The public relations campaign generated over 1MM branded impressions
  • Online engagements  were in excess of 200MM

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