Greenlight Planet, a for-profit solar energy company, is on a mission to deliver high quality, affordable energy solutions to the world’s three billion under-electrified consumers. Founded in 2009 by 3 university classmates, the Greenlight Planet team maintains an ongoing dedication to replacing dirty fuel sources prevalent in geographies such as large parts of Africa & India with smart, bright solar energy solutions. Today, Greenlight Planet has sold over 3 million Sun King™ solar lamps, has 11 offices globally, over 700 full-time employees and 6,000 Sun King™ micro-entrepreneurs.


Position the renewable energy group as a leader in providing clean tech fuel for off-grid families in the developing world


  • Secure high profile speaking engagements that would position key management alongside peers and potential partners in a variety of categories including energy, telecommunications, agriculture, healthcare, and technology
  • Secure media coverage in high-profile business and industry publications
  • Develop category-leading white papers 


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  • Develop statistic-rich press materials that showed the brand’s growth and market potential
  • Create a constant stream of outgoing communication to demonstrate Greenlight Planet’s leadership position with platforms that include mobile payment devices, international distribution strategies, high-level strategic partnerships, MFI alliances, new funding news 




  • CNN Money
  • Christian Science Monitor
  • NextBillion
  • Bloomberg Newswatch
  • Monocle: The Entrepreneurs
  • About Oil


SOCAP: Social Entrepreneurship  
Greenlight Planet won the public vote to host a panel discussion at SOCAP, one of the the largest interdisciplinary gatherings of people working at the intersection of money and meaning

Techweek: Technology
Greenlight Planet presented at Techweek New York, the leading technology conference and festival in the United States

MIT: Energy Conference
MIT brings together energy visionaries and a host of creative, passionate, motivated individuals for fact-based discussion and innovative problem solving

CeBIT: Telecommunications
CeBIT is the digital industry's biggest, most international conference and event

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