Youthonomics is an innovative new think tank focusing on intergenerational inequalities. Its main innovation is an annual ranking, the Youthonomics Global Index, which analyzes the situation of young people in 64 countries from a social, economic and political perspective, underscoring which countries allow youth to flourish and prosper—and how—and which ones don’t.



Position Youthonomics as the new voice for youth on the global scene, from young people grassroots organizations to world leaders


  • Develop compelling marketing materials to help position the organization with a variety of audiences
  • Create cohesive and consistent branded visual imaging that can be used in all manner of communications
  • Develop a website UX that will help facilitate discussion and provide usable data
  • Spread the word through high-level international media



  • Develop brand positioning statements and statistic-rich media materials
  • Partner with agency teams to develop the Youthonomics website featuring the Index alongside relevant news and topics
  • Secure global media placements that would prominently feature the basis for the report and its findings



  • Youthonomics was featured in nearly 100 media outlets around the world garnering upwards of 200MM impressions, including:
  • BBC World News
  • Forbes
  • Forbes China
  • The Washington Post
  • Der Spiegel
  • Le Figaro
  • Huffington Post UK
  • Sydney Morning Herald

Speaking Engagements

  • Secured a panelist position for Felix Marquardt, founder of Youthonomics, on The Guardian's Generation Y summit chaired by investigative journalist Shiv Malik. 

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