Living Pictures from Lytro ILLIUM camera is a new cutting edge technology that allows photographers to compose, capture and share moments in ways that were not dreamed possible a few short years ago. With just a single exposure from Lytro ILLIUM, photographers can easily create and offer both print and digital 3D images and slideshows.  Plus, you can interact with your Living Picture gallery online allowing you to focus and emphasize various points in a single image. 


Bring the new technology to life online and encourage bridal consumers to engage with living pictures and share via social media as they prepare for their wedding


Create a consumer contest hosted online by a top site where readers (brides-to-be, etc) were asked to interact with several living pictures for a chance to win a “Night of Romance” package


RFM (68).jpg
RFM_Group 4.jpg


  • We partnered Lytro with—the #1 wedding blog in the United States—for a sponsored brand blog post with a supporting social media campaign and consumer contest



  • 1,300+ Facebook shares
  • 2,200 contest entries


The brand was so pleased to be part of this campaign that they have added an additional two sponsored posts with in their marketing plan for 2015




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