Fashion brand Suzy Chin Maggy Boutique was one of America’s top retailers' most important dress labels. Prepared to embark on one of their biggest seasons in the history of the company, their key designer took another position, leaving the dress label with the need for a new brand identity. 


Inspire and reassure the retailer and target audience that the Maggy Boutique brand was as viable as ever


Develop a new name plus visual identity that would clearly link the brand to its past while giving it room to evolve at a later date

RFM_Group 4.jpg


  • Our agency determined that making a drastic change to the label’s visual imaging would be detrimental to the equity the brand had with its core constituency
    • To mitigate retailer concerns and draw upon a familiar image we called on the core elements of the original mark: an ivy motif and a striking blue color
      • Ivy & Blu was born – the original design was in close keeping with the Maggy Boutique look and feel so as not to confuse the consumer (see above).
    • Once there was quantifiable acceptance from both retail and the consumer, the brand was able to further update the visual identity.



The sometimes fickle retail community embraced the brand’s upgrade with a series of strong selling seasons.


The refreshed brand identity and a product design update catapulted the brand forward into a new level of awareness and retailer reception.  Media and blogger coverage included:

  • InStyle
  • WWD
  • People StyleWatch
  • Good Housekeeping
  • Redbook
  • Time Out New York
  • OK!
  • Extra

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