The Emmy's - Oscar’s Little Sister?


Our agency has worked in various ways in Hollywood for our clients – from leveraging film partnerships to promoting sponsorships. We did a diamond suite for 5 years at The Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hill the week leading up to The Academy Awards. It was both a total blast and a totally freaky experience, clients paying hundreds of thousands of dollars hoping to get some red carpet action and NO GUARANTEES. I spent many sleepless nights worrying about media coverage. In all those years, though, we always scored.

Funniest story? We held a celeb party in our suite one year and Julian McMahon from Nip/Tuck attended. He was gifted a tiepin by one of our jewelry clients and after a few drinks he pierced his own ear with the not-so-sharp point on the pin. Blood everywhere, and a surgeon no less. Very silly…

Best memory? Typing up media alerts with my brilliant associate in The Four Seasons listening to Green Day’s “American Idiot” playing as loud as the Bose would go… We needed some distraction, tough client.

But this isn’t about Oscar, but about Emmy. True, TV doesn’t have all the glamour of film, especially when it is frequented by very human reality stars, but don’t we LOVE TV? Of course we do. There is a gutsiness about Emmy, she’s going to take her place in the sun, no matter what. We’ve done a lot of work around this award show, participated in some very high level sponsorships, and I was always pleasantly surprised, and relieved, by the friendliness of the proceedings. Who doesn’t love the BAFTA tea party and the Governor’s Ball? A great group of people in the Academy, parties that are actually fun – think HBO. I love Emmy, she's a good girl to have on your side. We salute you this week, may it be filled with excellent surprises!


Some Real Housewives Take on Vegas

One of the most interesting things about Las Vegas is the people watching.  Though I was quietly stalking Lionel Richie because I had heard faint rumors that he was attending the jewelry show with his daughter, Nicole Richie, I ended up running into a “star” of one of my guilty pleasures the Real Housewives of New York, Jill Zarin. 

Jill popped into the Kwiat pavilion to admire the collection and found a FANTASTIC pair of earrings, called the Charro earrings, which she fell in love with.  Big and bold, much like her personality, they perfectly accented her red mane.  She promptly tweeted about her experience with the Kwiat team- Greg Kwiat and Bill Gould personally attended to her.  Jill, much more adorable in person, was a breath of fresh air.  Just today I stopped in to her apartment to drop off jewelry for the Gracie Awards (June 3, 2009)—I was greeted with a hug and she even kept her petite pup from biting my ankles.  We found some common ground though…love of accessories! 

Upon entering her phenomenal apartment, I was immediately mesmerized by a stunning set of oversized art deco mirrors – which I am now dedicated to purchasing.  Jill was lovely enough to get on the phone directly to negotiate some pricing for me and put me in direct contact  with the retailer.  LOVE!

Until tomorrow then, when I can share more of the BBChic team escapades….



Vegas Continued...

Check out BBChic’s pix of the best and brightest editors from the Las Vegas Couture Show.

Most impressive heels

Lottie Oakley (impeccable from head to toe) stopped by the Kwiat Pavilion looking flawless in stiletto lace Givenchy heels and cropped black pants paired with a beautiful black silk top. 

Chicest day to evening party look

No one sports silk harem pants and a black t-shirt like Brooke Magnaghi, the perfect day to evening look. 


Best dance moves

A tie between Talya Cousins and Graham Kostic—I’m jealous!  They both drew an amazing crowd of onlookers.  Watching the two of them boogie (just one seat over from Christina Aguilera) was the closest thing to a battle at Tao since Cameron Diaz and Jimmy Fallon on his new show.  LOVE!  Where else can you experience something like that? 




Hard Rocks

Okay, Las Vegas might be my least favorite place to visit for more than 2 days with the exception of during the jewelry shows.  The top jewelry designers in the world descend on Las Vegas for the  Couture, JCK and Luxury accessories shows each year—and I was lucky enough to mingle with quite a few top designers (both burgeoning and well-known), as well as my fav editors.  Thank goodness for Graham Kostic (Modern Luxury), Tanya Dukes (Elite Traveler) and Samantha Milner (Vanity Fair) – they made it fun and kept me sane. Luckily, the show was also filled with some real talent.

Sevan Bicakci, a Turkish artisan, features full cityscapes sculpted into proportions so dainty that he was able to fit them into a stunning chandelier earring.  His work, which was new to me, moved even the toughest Vogue editors. Janice Debell, design director for Kwiat diamonds, actually introduced me to the collection.  Her latest addition to the Kwiat collection—a finely cut rose gold diamond Lotus flower ring was my favorite piece at the show. Her use of negative and positive space along with cognac diamonds was astounding. The Lotus flower truly looked as if it was floating lightly on my finger.

Hard rock jeweler Stephen Webster took away the award for hottest party (hosted by an uber platinum blond Christina Aguilera), and Best In Diamonds. Kwiat diamonds rose gold red carpet cuff with rose cut diamonds was also featured in this category. 

Rachel Zoe, who is a huge supporter of RARE Vintage NYC, was on hand at the awards ceremony to honor her friend Yossi Harari with the Best Haute Couture design award. I was able to sneak in a quick hug and brief hello before she breezed on stage in a stunning nude cascading dress and gold platform heels. 

Have some cocktails and debauchery in honor of Vegas, until next time….


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