Is It Critical To Know How to Use ALL the Adobe Suite?


Is that a silly question? As a business owner of a company that specializes in creative comms Adobe has become our very best friend. It means we have the flexibility to do all types of things we used to have to outsource. When looking for new associates I always look for people who know how to use Adobe’s suite of creative services. But do I, the boss lady, need to know how to use them too?

 Sometimes interpretation is just as valuable. If I can’t do it myself, at least I can give valid, helpful instructions. I can understand the language, even if I can’t quite speak it? Is that a good analogy? But lately I’ve been wondering if I shouldn’t take a few classes myself to see what I could do using things like Illustrator and InDesign. Am I too old? At my level (none) I would surely slow things down if I wanted to try my hand at using it in real time.

For many years I had a super awesome young woman working with me who was pretty adroit at just about anything Adobe-related. What she didn’t know she either taught herself or took a class to learn. I know tutorials came in handy. She was also fast, always a good thing in the agency world. I relied on her creative, she was an artist, so this all came second nature to her. But when she left, I worried that I didn’t know enough to navigate the work we needed to do.

Good thing I found another talented individual to join us. But it still left me wondering if I needed to take a few classes.

Here’s the thing, I am in a constant state of learning new things, it’s the nature of the business.

But trying to catch up for the sake of the business is not always smart. Learning how to use Adobe would be good just for me, not for what I do. I’ve got good people for that. Sometimes, learning just for the sake of it, just for fun, even, is worth the time and effort. Right? Right.