To Binge or Not to Binge: Is this Even a Question?


Binging has never been the best of traits, eh? Binge drinking. Not good. Binge eating. Not so good. It’s generally seen as a lack of character, willpower and all sorts of bad behavior. What leads to binging? I’m not a psychologist, so I couldn’t say. I’d guess there’s a wire that gets tripped in our brains which tells a person they need MORE right NOW.

 Hmmm, I get it. Is it ok to admit it? Once I get excited about something, I am all in. I’ll read everything you want to know about the secret lives of ‘30’s Hollywood stars, or I’ll get totally obsessed with fake worlds, like LOTR (if you like LOTR you know what that stands for, ha!)

I have been known to get really excited about a certain type of food, say Greek yogurt and then eat a lot of it. But I try to keep my binging to things without calories. I have gotten very bingey (not a word) around my husband. I could easily binge on hugs, he’s that snuggly. But is binging good in business? Binging on research, when is enough enough? Binging on creative – can’t stop tweaking (is that binging?)

Here’s the thing – I believe binging is very much a part of our world today, in large part, because we can.

Want to watch the entire series of GoT, it’s right there, go for it. Want to binge on exotic olives from all over the place, not a problem, just head to Wholefoods. We live in a binge culture - we’ve never had more options at our fingertips. Technology has made it uber easy to binge at the office too. For someone who leans toward the obsessive binging feels normal. And I like it. Just so long as I don’t drive everyone just a little crazy in the process J Can you binge on saying sorry. Not sorry.