Choices. Choices.

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When you’re an agency you tend to live between the client and a variety of outside partners you need to get your programs done. We work with a myriad of creative partners – we never call them vendors, so demeaning. And we believe we have some of the very best partners out there. None of us are very big.

A hands-on, agile approach is a big part of what makes us good at what we do. That’s the way we like it.

Here’s where it can get tricky… There can be a tension between the client and your partners, and in some cases you need to make a choice. Obviously, your client is pretty important, aren’t they? But then your partners are too. In many cases, your partners will outlast your client. What to do.

Here’s the thing. We’ve found that honesty is the best policy, keeping the lines of communication open and doing our best to make it work for both, without compromising the results.

It takes a fair amount of discipline not to lose the plot when the pressure mounts, but by being honest, and communicating your process, things often work out better than you would imagine.