Mixed Mediums: The Blur is On

Photo via  pexels.com

Photo via pexels.com

Not sure if any of you use the dictation option on your smartphone. I do, and I love it for all the reasons you can imagine. Why type when you can talk, a lot faster, no matter how fast your fingers can go. I always need to check it, of course, for all the ways the program doesn’t totally catch the lingual nuances most of us humans use, but it’s pretty good, overall.

I do love how easy it is these days to move between a variety of interfaces.

There was a point when I thought we should have one ‘universal’ interface that would make it easy for most of us to transition between platforms, but that isn’t going to happen anytime soon, and the differences tend to be the by-product of newer, bigger, better. So, change is the new constant. Once you get a general intuitiveness for using a variety of interfaces you tend to be set up for whatever comes along.

But it is funny sometimes how in our rush to do something, get something done, etc., we forget what platform we’re using and the way it works.

I was traveling recently and desperately wanted to make an appointment at my destination when I arrived, but the place I was calling wasn’t picking up the phone, and remarkably, they didn’t seem keen to use email. So, I begrudgingly left a voicemail. Here’s the mixed medium part. I started saying thing like: “I’d like to make an appointment with you 6:00pm PERIOD. You can’t call me back COMMA I live in London.” Ha, I totally forgot that I was leaving a message and not dictating a message.

I don’t feel stupid. No, I don’t.