The Need for Data Specialists

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I’ve talked about this subject quite a lot over the past year or so, and for good reason. More than ever we are being asked to analyze the data around what we do to determine if what we are doing is working. Sounds simple, right? After all, data doesn’t lie, does it? Well, it may not lie, but it can sure fib.

At the very least, data can put on a pretty good mask to make you think it’s one thing when it’s not.


One of my super smart clients in the media space had the coolest arrangement of data specialists, that included a psychologist, which makes perfect sense, but I bet a bunch of like-minded companies haven’t made that leap. What we really need is an anthropologist. Hmmm. Actually, what we really need is an archaeologist, who can provide timelines that can help interpret what was done, when it was done and with whom, to provide reliable context.

Here’s the thing, I love putting my thinking cap on and nosing around the data for clues to find out things like why a traditionally female-skewed brand is suddenly appealing to men, but making logical conclusions sometimes requires the acumen of a scientist paired with the curiosity of a private investigator.

Let the good times roll.