Minimally Viable

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This isn’t a new concept, but doing the minimal to test and learn has become a thing. When I was coming up in the ranks of PR many moons ago we were expected (and still are, mostly) to think things through from every angle before launching out. For us, a failed launch was a disaster. We spent hours agonizing over scenarios, etc., before we made a move. In general, our industry is risk adverse. And now, with social media, we are more risk adverse than ever.

Once it’s out there, you can’t take it back. With a screenshot, Snapchat lives on, as some unseemly people have found out the hard way.

Today, I am working on a start-up and we are developing a minimally viable app for our business concept. But what is minimal, anyway?

Here’s the thing, I am concerned that minimal might start taking on new dimensions, and what was once the baseline will start to move.

It’s not a problem, in theory, but it could make a difference in your budget. Setting out with a clearly defined idea of minimal is more important than ever. Defining a test and learn period, at least at launch, is critical too. It all sounds new and exciting, but much of the same basic rules of thumb still apply. So be smart, do your homework, your bottom line with minimally affected as a result of good planning.