The Connected Company

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I know I’ve written about this before, but I’m going to address it again now. We talk a lot about the connected home, office, everything. I remember taking a South Korean consumer products brand to a huge tradeshow to talk about their new connected entertainment system. They were very sweet, really thought they were going to change the way we experienced entertainment at home. It was a great idea, but they were definitely not first to market, and possibly not as thoughtful about how to infiltrate the U.S. as they should have been.

They didn’t get very far. And just a few years later that’s all everyone is talking about. Enter Nest.

When I mention connected company I’m not referring to tech, I’m referring to people. And I’m not referring to people connected and related to one another, specifically, but more philosophically – and even skilfully.

Here’s the thing. For many years I felt that having it all under one roof was the way to go.

I brought on freelancers to fill gaps, either because we needed the manpower, or they had a particular expertise. Today, I have a skeleton team, shall we say the brain trust, and much of the creative execution, and even public relations functions are handled by part of our connected team. It is massively efficient, incredibly flexible and a ton of fun. I get to work with a much broader group of talented people without limiting ourselves to who is available in the office. We’re loving it. You might want to give it a try.