Are We Only Consumers?

When this first popped up in marketing, I thought it was weird and avoided it.

We are individuals, not consumers.

Many of us are not really consumers, in general. But after a year or so I gave in, because everyone was doing it, and it became normal. Which makes me wonder, what other really weird stuff are we doing in the name of normal?

Consumers. Makes you feel like people are just there for us to “target” so they can consume our things. Or, more correctly, our client’s things. This mentality, besides dehumanizing regular people also opens the door to rating life based on how and what we consume. And this can make it really tricky when it comes to laws and priorities.

Here’s the thing, yes, we are all of us consumers, some bigger than others, but we are, at our core, individuals.

Marketers who say they are trying to reach people based on what they like, their habits, etc., still need to keep the concept of individuality front and center. We all say that’s what we’re doing, but are we really?