GoT… Late to the Party is Still Better Than Never


Ok, why am I writing about Game of Thrones on a PR/Marketing blog? Why wouldn’t I be? Hello.

Truth be told, I am super late to this party, but I got here anyway. When the series came out in 2011, I was recently married and didn’t feel like watching a whole lot of naked people with my new husband. Go figure. I also thought it was the typical (to me anyway) HBO strategy to throw a lot of nudity into the mix up front to get the audience hooked, so they could cleverly pull it back again by Season 4. A little irritating? Actually, I’m pretty sure this isn’t a calculation on their part, just feels like one. Fast forward to 2019 and I’m on a flight from Los Angeles to New York in coach with nothing to do and there it is: GoT. What else to watch? 2.5 seasons in over JFK and I could not be more hooked.

Why is the relevant to me? For marketers the launch can be such an alluring concept. If we have the right launch, they (our target – that is people) will surely come.

And that is true, done right a good launch can work really well. We love to seed our concept “pre” launch with people who are early adopters, so they can get the word out and create a bit of FOMO with everyone else. Then, we have strategies for extending that launch through a variety of tactics that keep people coming back for more.

But what about those massively late adopters, where the launch is a far distant memory. Where we’re so behind the times the launch is like the big bang, everything we see now is only speculative “evidence” that something once happened. As a marketer I wonder if this person is just as important. Maybe us late adopters are just really good at delaying gratification? Or, maybe we just like to wait until the dust settles to see if this thing is worth a go.

Here’s the thing, once we’re in we’re obsessed.

Sure, maybe we’ve taken a few years to get there, but don’t forget by now we’ve amassed a bit of wealth so our arrival, however late, makes it well worth the wait – for the marketer. We’re yours and we’ll spend whatever it takes to join your party.

It is true, early adopters make a product, service, experience, whatever viable. You need support to live, but don’t forget about all those that will come later. Best be prepared to leverage the latecomers because when we get to you, we’re all in.