Do Typos Matter?

Ok, this is a bit of a quirky one, but it’s been quite the last 6 months, and one thing I’ve noticed is that my fairly decent track record of written communication has slid into the land of the typo. In fact, one of the pieces I wrote for LinkedIn had a typo in it, and a nice gentleman was happy to point it out in public. Thanks. But seriously, thanks.

When I was coming up in the world typos were the biggest non-starter ever. Thank goodness for spellcheck, because I really can’t spell.

And I’m not ashamed of it, I’ve got bigger issues than spelling. Spelling aside, I would rarely make basic, silly mistakes, using there when I meant their. And woe to the poor employee who did. I would sternly remind them that if they wanted to be taken seriously those types of mistakes were not acceptable.

Those days are gone. Lately it’s been typo city. I actually just did the there/their thing.

I blame it on a massive workload, and tons of travel, and even moving between two worlds where words are spelled differently, and general phrasing is not quite the same. But that is no excuse. I’ve heard that millennials are pretty big on the typo, not sure if that is true, not sure why it would be, but I do feel a bit better knowing I’m not alone - if it’s true.

Here’s the thing: typos do matter, especially when someone doesn’t know you and thinks gosh there a bit stupid.

But here’s something else, on any given day I’m feeling really good about not giving myself a hard time. And that’s had a good result for those that work with me, because if its good enough for me, then it has to be good enough for them. I’m going to see this as an iterative Design Thinking Process: test and learn. There are no mistakes, only solutions. LOL.