MASTERCLASS: Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, Best in Class

Not sure if you’ve seen the promo for screenwriter Aaron Sorkin’s Masterclass. If you haven’t there is a link to it at the bottom of this page. Just hold on a minute! Not so fast. I want to share why I love it so much.

In my work I deal with a lot of content. And sometimes, let’s face it, the content is filler. Just helps the search engines, etc. Not that we trade in lightweight content, but you have to feed the digital beast, and it’s expensive to produce. Surely the Masterclass team had some Hollywood help in producing the promo for Sorkin’s spot, but I think it’s so compelling. For me it's the balance between pace, real insider insight and humor. It moves, he’s good to look at (well styled), and it feels ‘real.’ Not canned and phoney. Good graphics too. It all works.

And here’s the sobering truth, it may be one of the very few ads I’ve stopped to watch, rather than skip ahead to the content. In all these years, this is the one.

The verdict is in: video works, but ads - not so much.

For me, this spot is one of the best examples of an ad that works, that actually grabs my attention, makes me want to pause instead of skipping ahead. As marketers we should all be dedicated to doing this. Ah, but it’s not that easy, we have budgets, we have deadlines. Yes, true. But we also have our reputations and our dignity.

Currently, our agency is working on some new content for two excellent clients, and yes there are budgets and deadlines and resources can be tight at times, but I’m inspired. And when you have to get in there and roll up your sleeves, a little inspiration can go a long way.

Well done Masterclass. Take a look!