You're Never To Old to Learn a Few New Tricks

So, the PR industry has been a wild and wonderful rollercoaster ride for the past 8-10 years, with the advent and then adoption of everything digital. I was thinking about it last night, trying to remember working without a PDA. And I do remember those days. I got my first Blackberry during one of the Academy Award weeks, when we were in the midst of promoting diamonds and other luxury items to celebrities. What a gift that was. With its crazy, slightly cumbersome track wheel. Gosh, I was doing PR off fax machines at one point. And there wasn’t a Cision, just those lists, when a Rolodex was a powerful tool.

Back then, as now, content ruled. No matter what the medium, you still needed the content. It had better be good, or you weren’t getting anything placed.

But content was shared, in our world mostly, the old fashioned way – by phone. And in person. At parties, or ‘power’ lunches. LOL. After the decimation of the media industry, with positions shifting like musical chairs, no one had time for lunch. And pitching, well who needed a phone when you had email, or now text? Apparently, the new gen likes it when you put all your content in the subject line, like a text. That’s what a generational expert told us at a recent summit. I don’t believe it.

Anyway, where am I going with this? One of the best things in life is learning something new. It can be incredibly refreshing, sometimes a little scary, but so good for your soul. None of us can afford to sit back on our haunches and think we know it all, we’ve hit our cruising altitude. So this lady is signing up for a digital marketing course. I know a lot more about it than I’m letting on in this blog, but I can learn WAY more than I know right now. And I want to know more.

The lines in our industry have become so blurry they are downright shady. So give it a go. Learn something new. You’ll be glad you did!