The Human Touch



With the advent of AI, it's inevitable that we'll all be wondering, and measuring, the positive impact of the 'human touch.' Robots don't freak me out, much less helpful software. Can't really live without it these days. And since I run my business remote, mostly, I've had to think about this a lot over the past few years. In person it’s not only friendlier, it can be more productive - especially when brainstorming or solving knotty problems. Should I say looking for solutions, in a Design Thinking world? Probably. But we do pretty well sometimes thousands of miles away from our clients. And, the bridge between Europe and America can create some really neat insights that could be helpful for our clients. But AI?

I don't know about you, but I do love how technology has positively impacted the work that we do in communications. I can't say it's made us less busy; in fact, it's probably made us busier.

Having a machine help us is something we do almost every day anyway. Making it even better, well that could be pretty good too, right?

Here's the thing, while I welcome having any type of intelligent help, I still believe that the human touch, looking somebody directly in the eye and finding an in-person connection, will always trump a machine relationship.

But this is just the start of something new and exciting. Who knows, I just might change my mind!