New Media Agencies & The Language Barrier

PHOTO: Dustin Giallanza

PHOTO: Dustin Giallanza

We’ve been hiring a few outside groups to provide specialist help when we need it. Unless you are a mega agency, you just won’t have all those moving parts under your umbrella of services. And I wouldn’t want that anyway. Pus, it's never as cost effective for the client.

One of the striking characteristics of working with these new groups is untangling what they are actually saying/selling.

I believe in the incredible power of digital marketing, and I am no dummy, but sometimes when I am getting the spiel, all I can think is, if I didn’t know what I was doing would I understand a word you’re saying? No.

I often want to stop them mid-sentence and just say, hey, slow down. Can you please rewind that and explain in simple terms what you are suggesting we do and why? Well, I have done that. I even thought of starting a service for groups like this to help them sell better. I am absolutely certain that the services they are offering are both good and worthy of consideration, but

...most of the groups I’ve met with in the past few years have no idea of how to help me sell this back to the client. I do understand how difficult this can be because for a long time PR had the same issue, describing what we do and helping the clients see its value.

Here’s the thing, we need what you’re selling new media agencies, and we want it too, just please help us help you get it over the line with the client.

It’s worth taking the time to help us better understand what you’re selling, because we most definitely want to buy it.