The Value Of Saying No

In general, I’m a yes person. I constantly look for the ‘yes’ in things. Yes, I can do that. Yes, that is possible (not sure how, exactly, but I’ll find a way). I’ve never been a fan of the ‘no’ person. Basically, they get on my nerves. What do you mean no, of course you can do that, you just haven’t tried.

We live in the age of yes, because the realm of ‘possibility’ has expanded exponentially. We are all wired up 24-hours a day. And that isn’t changing. But one thing I’ve learned lately is there can be a great value in saying no, too. Because ‘no’ can be a good ‘editing’ device. No can mean, “That is a cool idea, but you don’t have the assets and/or content to make it really work well, and so you will be diluting who you are by saying yes.” Client X. We all have them.

No can also mean, “Gosh you aren’t paying for that so, uh, no.” I’m not sure what makes some of us yes people, and some of us no people. My husband is much more of a no person, and he’s happy about that. In fact, some days I might say too happy. I’m learning how to get around that no, but often it can be for my own good.

Here’s the thing: it’s probably good to balance some of your ‘yeses’ with a good solid NO.

But there is nothing more refreshing, more endearing and more lifesaving than a good yes - just when you need it. Don’t be afraid to say no, but try to say it with a yes in your heart. Your friends, colleagues and family will thank you for it.