Google Docs

So, a few months ago Google Docs went down and it put me into a bit of a spin. Obvious, right? On a deadline, no access to the documents I need. Yesterday, something was up with Safari, so had to switch to Chrome before I could get my docs to unlock. A real moment of panic, reached out to Google and they were scary helpful. Scary in that it only took 30 seconds for them to respond to my IM, ring me and walk me through the fix. Convenient to have that Google Hangout feature, and I wonder, oh I wonder, if their explanation of the ‘doc freeze’ had anything to do with the fact that out of nowhere and quite mysteriously my Safari isn’t functioning properly. True, I often feel a bit like a servant in the Kingdom of Google, and that’s not such a bad thing as long as the King is benevolent. Ah, but do we really know what the future holds?



Here’s the thing:

 I never thought we’d have Brexit, I never ever thought I’d see The Donald seriously in the running for President of the United States of America, and who could have predicted the massive cat video obsession on YouTube? It’s just a crazy, mixed up world, one in which we are the slave to things that never show their faces and live in the cloud, promising to deliver documents to us when we need them most. I’m a little nervous about the future, but I’m much more nervous about a future where I’m expected to deliver at the speed of light and I can’t get what I need when I need it.

Come on Google. And anything you can do about our presidential line up?