Less Is More

There was a time when you needed a team of people to get a simple task done. And everything was manual, it took longer and was more involved. People were the answer to all your problems. The more issues you had the more people you needed. Today, not so much. And thank goodness. I’m not saying let’s replace people with robots, not at all. I think the virtual assistant will probably come into its own one day, but they will never capture the subtle nuances that come with working closely and in tandem with a real human being. If you have Clutter you know what I’m talking about, right? Clutter manages to de-clutter just about everything, and I mean things I don’t want it to remove. No subtlety here. Total different subject, but one that is on the docket for future exploration.

Back to people. Look, you can’t brainstorm effectively without people.

And you can’t really have a fun celebration with 1-3 of you. If you want a party you need people. But what you can do today, which is so cool, is you can get SO much done with just a few. For all that technology can make us way too connected, it does help us streamline systems and organize our work. It does help us problem solve in seconds, instead of minutes, or hours, or days. No, there isn’t a great replacement for another brain, another set of hands, but truth is you do need a lot less of them, at least in the service industry, to get the job done. I’m not advocating for streamlining your staff to the point of extinction, but I am saying that today, more than ever, less can be more.  Here are a few tips on how to make this work even better.

Get trained. You need skills to streamline, and that means everyone, even the boss. The more self-sufficient you are the faster you are, and the more in charge you are.

Keep up with the trends. There are always great new tools out there to help you do things faster and more efficiently. But be careful, some of the tools that are meant to make things easier come with hidden drawbacks. Like Clutter. Sorry, not loving it.

Don’t underestimate the power of youth. Yes, millennials will not solve all the problems that ail you, but they are a bit swifter on the new tools, they’ve grown up with them, it’s second nature. Just make sure you train them in your way. Whatever that is.

Be ready to collaborate. The key to getting things done faster is collaboration, even if it’s virtual.

Don’t be precious. Yes, privacy is really important, but nothing is private, anymore. Really. I know it’s a hard one to swallow, but it’s true. If the ship goes down we’re all going together. Smiley face.