Lickety Split

Yep. You read that right, all right. That’s the basic sentiment right now across communications. Let’s get that done - lickety split. Because you can. Things can happen so fast now, and they are expected to. But what I love is how fast they shift one way and then back again.

If you didn’t move fast enough you might be back in before you even knew you were out. Without moving an inch.

Let’s take the concept of horizontal versus vertical video. Basically, most video is viewed on horizontal platforms, TVs, computer, etc. But lots of us, myself included, just did the old point and shoot with our phone cameras when recording something. We then made the fatal mistake of uploading the ‘wrong’ format and looking, to our in-the-know peers, kind of stupid. Ah, but then along came Snapchat and vertical is in again! I was out and then in again before I even knew it! And let’s take a look at Periscope. I had only heard about it, checked it out, was thinking about it, and now: FACEBOOK LIVE! Question, do we need Periscope? Do we need FB Live? Do we NEED anything that gives us 3 chins when it films us? How is that exactly good for our image, anyway? Recently, I heard that reading ‘real’ books was BACK! Well, there you go, I was out and back in before I even knew it. Lickety Split - in and out in the blink of an eye.

Photo: Wonderlane/Flickr

Photo: Wonderlane/Flickr

Here’s the thing: It’s impossible to keep up. In my mind the world has shifted from a linear place with lists of what to do and not do, where you can tick things off and move on, to a landscape of moving parts.

Everything is in a big crazy swirl and there is no way you can keep up, even if you try. Which is why this is such a fun time, because the swirl feels a lot like a dance, and you never know who your dancing partner is going to be, but you know one thing for sure - they are not going to be boring. Here’s to change. Lickety split!