The Power of Being a Change Agent

2016 has been quite the year. I surely don’t need to spell it out for you. Straddling London and New York, the US and Europe, I’ve watched events play out on two very different stages. And for the sake of keeping it neutral I’m not going to pontificate on what I think, I’ll leave that to the professionals.

What I do think is that no matter what things look like, no matter how you feel, no matter what the odds, there is never a good reason to give up hope.

Over millennia civilization has come to the crossroads and stared some pretty ugly things in the face and still prevailed. That is, we are still here. There are a million reasons why we shouldn’t be. A simple, errant comet or large-ish meteorite could wipe us all out in one fell swoop. Talk about random. Super bugs, if they ever really wanted to get nasty could really do a number on us too.

I know this is all sounding a bit simplistic, but when it all is said and done, most of what we want on a daily basis is simple – food, safety, love.

For those of us who just happened to get a good ticket at the lottery - we are living on the favored side of history in the rich west, after all, it’s our responsibility to help others rise up. There are billions of people living below the poverty line, war continues to ravage countries filled with innocent people that had zero say in the matter.

For those of us reading this blog right now, we are some of the blessed ones, so the question is, are you going to give up hope, or be the change?

In 2017 I elect for be the change. In whatever way seems best for you. I back charity: water because they unequivocally are doing something to change the dirty water crisis. They are transparent, accountable and they actually make a difference. I won’t go into my list, but sometimes the best change you can make is simply lending a friend a helping hand. Oh, and business people, keep it real, and keep it ethical. That’s a change worth making.

2017, here’s to you, and for those reading this, here's to you - you’re never too old to change, and there’s nothing that can’t be changed, if you put your mind to it. Start simple. Just start.

Photo: charity: water

Photo: charity: water