The Lost Art of Listening

In branding ‘listening in’ is easier than ever – we have a tool for that! But while we all know that data helps drive decisions, data on its own can’t tell a story. No amount of machine learning can trump that little spark of intuition that comes with good human analysis. Listening really is an art, and for most of us it doesn’t come naturally.

But ‘learning’ to listen, especially as a brander, can make the difference between developing the right position and campaign - one that has the power to connect and motivate - and creating a campaign that comes up flat.

What is the number one thing that we get from listening? Authenticity.

Understanding your brand, whether it’s in search of a new life or is in the birthing stage, requires capturing its voice, and that can only happen by listening.

JetBlue, for instance does an excellent job ‘listening in.’ Working to keep their social media as organic and ‘real’ as possible they are super at responding in a timely manner - because they are actually listening. Because of this approach they can deal with dissatisfied customers the way one would want to be treated, as if one’s displeasure actually matters to the company. No one likes being treated like an anonymous body. Just a number. For instance, @Alexa_Burrows tweeted that she was bummed to have to go home and asked for a parade to greet her at the gate. This was in jest, but guess what, Jetblue listened. And threw her a little parade.

Listening matters. Brands can’t afford not to listen in an era where it is a real opportunity.

Photo: pcdazero/Pixabay

Photo: pcdazero/Pixabay

If this strikes a chord, take a moment to review your mechanisms for learning and dig in. Listening better could change the way your brand is experienced by the people you most want to win.