Is Beauty Overrated? Maybe It Should Be

I’ve had the privilege to work with two of the largest beauty brands in the world: Revlon and L'Oréal Paris. It was a bit of a blast for all the reasons you would think. Free product! Actually, that's not true. I do invest in my beauty, and no offense intended, I think the more expensive brands provide a better quality experience. But anyway… One of the reasons I loved it was the nostalgia, because when I was younger with less disposable income they were my go-to brands, especially for lipstick and mascara. But for powder, it was CoverGirl all the way.

But back to the point of this article. The world likes to tell us on one hand that beauty is all important, beauty as in ‘oh my gosh you’re so good looking.’ And, then on the other hand it tries to convince of us that beauty is only in the eye of the beholder, and that real beauty is more than skin deep. I agree. And yet, let's be honest, beauty matters, a lot more than most people want to admit - however you define beauty. Certainly, what I find beautiful may not be what you consider a thing of loveliness.  And what is considered beautiful tends to change with the times, with generations. Popular culture held that curvier women were hot back in the ’50’s, less so today. Men with mustaches were smokin’ hot in the ‘70’s, now it’s all about the massive, bushy beard (but I think that's on the way out?) Personally, I like my men to have some form of facial hair. Not sure why, but that’s beautiful to me.

Here's the thing: beauty, however you define it, probably matters more than we want it to. Whether we like it or not. ‘Beautiful’ people tend to get ahead in life, at least they used to get ahead of the line back in the day when I used to go clubbing. And it doesn’t seem fair, does it? Not it doesn’t, and it isn’t.

But sadly, life is not always fair. And that’s what beauty companies are here for, to level the playing field - and make a ton of money in the process. Does this piece make you uncomfortable? Sorry, thought it might. As we head into the New Year with all kinds of resolutions about how to make our lives better than last year, maybe we need to remember that nothing is perfect, that showing up is more than half the battle and if you don’t feel beautiful don’t worry, no else does either. And that’s ok. Really.