The Conference Call: So Close and Yet So Far Away

Lately, we’ve been co-working with an incredible company in the communications space, much like ours but bigger and with some neat new proprietary tools. Really admire them. We are operating between a variety of countries and time zones and what might seem like simple planning and basic math has become an interesting, and sometime frustrating muddle. I, for one, take credit for adding to the mayhem. But goodness gracious it sure seems hard to get ourselves aligned for a simple conference call.

There are all kinds of options out there these days - Free Conference, Join Me, Google Chat, Skype, you name it. So, if that's the case then why does it seem so hard to get it happening? I also do calls with multiple participants between London and Sydney and everything in between and that is one big nightmare. I guess this blog may very well be a cry for help. Does anyone know what works and works well? We seem to have tried it all, but the images still go fuzzy, static still interrupts conversations – sometimes that a good thing when wrongly accusing someone of sending the wrong time when you actually don’t know what GMT is (always thought it was the same time zone as London, but that is BST, or something like that).

Here’s the thing: technology is a wonderful thing, but it’s not perfect and most likely will never be, no matter what the experts say. So often we treat our new tools and toys as foolproof, but they are far from that, aren’t they? They make mistakes just like we do. So the next time you want to strangle your machine (or software) just remember it may not be human, but it will still make mistakes, just like us humans.