Design Matters

Like her or don’t like her, Martha Stewart did do a lot for the look of America’s home. She democratized design and helped usher in the era of the well-designed life. Target picked up the mantle, and there were so many others including but not limited to designer Philippe Starck, fashion retailer H&M and West Elm. Fast fashion, affordable home design, we’ve all become a better looking, and possibly a better feeling, culture. 

Good design has not always been expensive, but it tends to be. First, because of the resources that go into developing it, and then, ultimately, the materials used to produce it.  Since we’ve all had a taste of the ‘good life’ it’s hard to go back. Really hard. So why you should you? It’s easy today to beautify your world, from your home to your office. And understanding a good aesthetic is only a click away. Even a group as utilitarian as Pantone, the color specialists, offers ups everything from the fashion report (now you can plan your season-appropriate wardrobe) to connecting with a color specialist.

Here’s the thing: integrating good design into your world (yes, this is a bit subjective) will communicate who you are. In business it sends a clear message that you are thoughtful, organized, thorough and you care about presentation. 

Which, generally says to another business: when we engage with you we’ll take the same care with your brand as we take with our own. Simple. Good. Design does matter.