The Creatives are Running the Asylum

Coming out of the manufacturing era (of course we’re still in it, really), running a business was about process. And so were management styles. They would have to be, to get the job done. Today, with the advent of businesses focused on delivering less tangible assets and more intellectual platforms, that admittedly still need ‘things’ to work, business is having to reinvent it’s way of managing both processes and people.

There are a lot of great white papers out there on this subject, so I won’t belabor all the fine details, but you get the point – there is a shift not only in how businesses are being formed, but how they are being run. Now management is dealing with more ‘creatives’ and that means styles are changing. Encouraging a creative mind to do something solely for cash is probably not going to work. Not only are they motivated by more than money, as are most people, they speak an entirely different language than the one used in the last century. Think engineers, developers and even branders. Most of what they do exists in the not yet realized future. They may not be dreamers but they spend a heck of a lot of time in their head. And they can’t be pushed to make a deadline just because you tell them to.

Here’s the thing, much of the work we do populates the creative sphere, whether we’re doing it as an agency or contracting for it from others.

What we’ve learned is finding ways to communicate that will actually reach our people, and that most often means finding out what motivates them, is a critical ingredient in getting what we want. It takes more time and is a more fragile landscape to navigate but the results can be excellent.  It’s the ‘listen’ don’t ‘tell’ generation. And it’s not such a bad thing.