Holidays: Important? Really?

Everyone loves them, well almost everyone. When you’re working at full tilt, a holiday can actually be a nuisance, throwing you off your game, interrupting your best-laid plans. Sometimes it feels more productive to work in overdrive mode, even though you can feel your adrenals are just about to give up on you. But if health is in the heart then a holiday is an essential.

America is not good with holidays – we call them vacations. I remember many moons ago working with European luxury brands. When August hit, work came to a standstill. Never mind what was happening. It was summer and they were taking their break. They remained successful though, so it does make you wonder about America’s work ethic, which, admittedly is changing, maybe not for the worse.

But it was fascinating to me. August. Closed. How did things get done if everything was closed? Did anything happen at all, and did it matter? Living between New York and London (and London is not Milan or Paris) you do feel the difference, though I think the gap is closing, sadly. Work life balance just seems more important on the continent, and the British Isles, for that matter. But is it better for you?

Here's the thing – nothing lasts forever. Everything wears out and wears down. Constant use is usually the culprit. And it’s the same for us humans. Holidays are essential. Take one. Make yourself. And if everything goes to hell in a hand basket, so what? Smiley face. Really.