Templates Make the World Go Round

Today, more than ever, there is a template for everything - and I for one am grateful for this fact. I remember when the WWW (not world wrestling) first broke onto the scene. One afternoon my brainy girlfriend at the fashion PR agency I called home was reading the news on a screen and all I could think was - why would anyone bother with this when they could just watch television

Then, there was all the buzz about the ‘information’ highway. Everyone thought it was going to change the world - which it ultimately has done, and quite effectively. I remember finding an obscure website in Finnish about The Lord of the Rings (super geek here) and I felt like I had found one of Tolkien’s lost books. Somewhere, out there were treasures to be found, if you only knew the right keywords to find them.

Building a website felt like a monumental task back then. And most of the people I knew thought e-commerce was a joke, especially if you were trying to sell luxury products. Blue Nile showed them.

Here’s the thing: we are living in a highly designed world and templates are the new Vogue Patterns of today.

Of course you can’t afford that designer website, but now you can make it yourself - as long as you have patience. We recently redid our website on Squarespace. One of our associates is also a kick butt photographer and overall creative genius. It was her idea to use this template, eschewing Wordpress (nothing against this wonderful platform). I can’t really express how much I love our new website, and the price was right. Perhaps that is what I love most. Templates. They make me happy.