What’s In A Title?

Back in the day titles really meant something in business. If you wanted to move up the ladder you would get there faster if your title had weight and meaning. And by meaning there had to be a VP or Pres in the offing. But the C-Word, that really carried power. Because let’s face it, everyone wants to be a chief someday - at least most of the ambitious people I’ve known over the years.

CHIEF Executive Officer. CHIEF Marketing Officer. CHIEF Operations Officer. I have a private belief that this grand desire is all rooted in a grown-up person wanting to finally have control over the teepee. Today, however, those somewhat simple little letters have come to mean so much more. Now we have CIO (Chief Information Officer), CKO (Chief Knowledge Officer), CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer). Basically, the C-Word has been downgraded in a way, and elevated in another. While the title feels less rare, it stands for much more creative positions, because we all know we need a CKO, don't we?

My title has remained President for a long time, and unlike the man that runs our country it hasn’t given me gray hair, but that’s probably because I dye it. As the owner of my company I could have taken any title I wanted. President seemed about right. I don’t use it very often. CEO seemed presumptuous, but maybe I have the wrong idea. I think the title I missed out on was CRO (Chief Responsibility Officer). As a business owner titles don’t mean much to you, the thing that really matters is whether or not you have the stomach for a load of responsibility, headache and sometimes heartache. Because if you do then I have a title for you!