Chocolate has been woven through the fabric of American culture for centuries. Its rich history is intertwined in the stories of our founding fathers, and ultimately, the history of the Americas. AMERICAN HERITAGE™ Chocolate was created by Mars Chocolate North America to help educate consumers about the history of our nation through the engaging story of one of our most beloved foods—chocolate!

AMERICAN HERITAGE™ Chocolate is sold at over 150 fine gift shops at historic sites and museums in the United States and Canada such as Colonial Williamsburg, Mount Vernon, Monticello, The Smithsonian and Parks Canada. 


Bring the chocolate history story to life and encourage consumers to visit top historic landmarks in the United States in the fall of 2014


Create a chocolate-themed scavenger hunt with top bloggers and social media mavens at three top site partners—Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, George Washington’s Mount Vernon and Old Salem Museum and Gardens—that would enable them to tell the journey of chocolate in America in their own voice and on their various social channels


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  • Identified three top bloggers whose platforms and social media channels were aligned to the AMERICAN HERITAGE™ Chocolate core consumer demographics
  • Worked with each historic site partner to create a unique story angle that brought their messaging to life
  • Hosted the bloggers on a hand-held journey through time and tastes



  • 9 one-of-a-kind blog posts
  • 4 custom AMERICAN HERITAGE™ Chocolate recipes
  • Branded videos and imagery


  • #chocolatehistory hashtag tweeted 1500 times during the campaign
  • 63.1MM Twitter impressions
  • Over 830 original tweets from the campaign
  • 3MM+ Media impressions
  • Several post tweets went viral garnering 200+ shares


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